Weather is a riveting duality. It is something to love and something to fear. It is beautiful to watch, interesting to study, and exciting to forecast. Yet, the power and complexity of weather is also humbling. We still have so much to discover. We will likely never fully understand this enigma, no matter how much we study. But with every passing year we uncover more of it’s tightly held secrets and get a little closer to mastering this dynamic force of nature. As we understand more, we can protect more. It is through this continual observation and study that our forecasts become more accurate and more detailed, allowing more and more people to escape weather’s deadly claws. For me, the most rewarding thing about being a meteorologist is knowing I was on the air when someone needed me. It is an amazing feeling to think that because someone trusted me and followed my advice they were able to elude those claws. I may never know their names or how many are out there, but I know there are some. It is those nameless, faceless escapes that I am most proud of.