Heather Tesch: Meteorologist, Columnist, Animal Advocate, Artist

Heather spent 14 years helping viewers plan their day around the weather, covering everything from blizzards in the Northeast, fires in the West, hurricanes striking our shores, drought across the Plains and South, and flooding in the Midwest. She warned folks to evacuate for the approach of Sandy, grieved with you over Katrina, and reassured people when the tornado threat was over in Joplin, Missouri. Heather even fostered kittens left homeless by a tornado in Ringgold, Georgia, following the largest tornado outbreak in recorded history in April of 2011. One of those kittens still lives with her today.

Heather has also used her status to bring attention to the plight of homeless animals. She spent countless hours, after her normal work day was over, producing pet segments to draw attention to pet adoption and animal well-being. These informative stories ran often on TWC and Weather.com and were watched by millions.

Heather’s interest and love for animals is evident within her own home. She currently has five cats and one lizard.

Heather also has a love of laughter and enjoys making those around her laugh. Despite her constant on-air professionalism, and her disciplined work ethic, those who work with her behind the scenes appreciate her humor, and light-hearted personality. She is warm, very approachable, down to earth, often funny, and the kind of person who makes any environment fun.

Heather is currently writing a column for the Orange County Post -Sentinel called Heather on Life, Pets, and Weather. She is interested in branching out to other papers as well. She is also exploring options within television involving weather, weather preparedness, and animal welfare.

In Heather’s free time she enjoys spending time with her family and pets, reading and writing, and working on artistic and creative projects.

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